Borough Minutes

 Mount Gretna Borough


February 8, 20221

William Kleinfelter, President, called the meeting of the Mount Gretna Borough Council to order at 6:04 PM.  The meeting was held via Zoom due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Council Members and Staff present:

William Kleinfelter, President                                     Lois Herr, Vice-President

Michael Bell                                                                        Robert Eynon

Allan Feldman                                                                   Keith Kilgore, Solicitor

William Care, Public Works Director/Code Enforcement Officer

Linda Bell, Secretary/Treasurer                                 

Council Members Absent:    Joseph Shay, Mayor due to Fire Company meeting

Also, Present: 

Julia Bucher – 415 Yale Avenue

Patricia Wilmsen – 416 Yale Avenue

Carol Hickey – Hickey Architects (present for variance request review only)

Carol Donton – Hickey Architects (present for variance request review only)

Stacy Schroeder – 120 Pennsylvania Avenue (present for variance request review only)


120 Pennsylvania Avenue:  Carol Hickey, Hickey Architects, reviewed the proposed construction of an addition for 120 Pennsylvania Avenue to replace a deck and wall and construct a second story, all within the existing footprint with the use of a construction plot plan.  Michael Bell made a motion to grant the variance request.  Lois Herr seconded the motion.  All were in favor.

Public Comment:  No comments made.


Michael Bell made a motion to accept the agenda as presented.  Lois Herr seconded the motion.  All were in favor.

Minutes, Financial Report and Invoices List:

Lois Herr made a motion to accept the January meeting minutes.  Robert Eynon seconded the motion.  All were in favor.

Robert Eynon made a motion to accept the January financial report and invoice listing as presented.  Michael Bell seconded the motion.  All were in favor.

POLICE REPORT:  The January police report was emailed to all Council members in advance of the meeting.  A copy of the report is attached and heretofore made part of the minutes.


Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority           Meeting minutes available on website –


MAYOR:  No Report



Burning Ordinance:  Solicitor Kilgore provided an updated draft copy of a new burning ordinance prior to the meeting reflecting suggestions made during the recent work session.  After a brief discussion and a recommended change to remove one sentence, Michael Bell made a motion to publicize the ordinance for the March Council meeting.  Lois Herr seconded the motion.  All were in favor.

Brown/Lancaster Avenue Stormwater Project:  Solicitor Kilgore reported that the easements for 108 and 110 Brown Avenue have been recorded in Lebanon County Courthouse. 

Resolutions 02-08-2021, 02-08-2021 A, 02-08-2021 B and 02-08-2021 C:  Resolutions to record deed of easements for utilities between 108 and 110 Brown Avenue. 

Resolution 02-08-2021:  Recording of Deed of Utility Easement from Betsey Noullet, 108 Brown Avenue

                Resolution 02-08-2021 (A):  Recording of Deed of Utility Easement from Pennsylvania Chautauqua

Resolution 02-08-2021 (B):  Recording of Deed of Utility Easement from Stinson Stroup, Executor for the Larry Roush estate, 110 Brown Avenue

Resolution 02-08-2021 (C):  Recording agreement to vacate deed of utility easement with Larry Roush dated 04-4-2014.

Lois Herr made a motion to accept resolutions.  Michael Bell seconded the motion.  All were in favor.

Employee COVID-19 Vaccinations:  Addressing the question of mandating that employees receive a COVID-19 vaccination, Solicitor Kilgore stated that the Borough could mandate employees to be vaccinated.  Lois Herr suggested that the Borough not require vaccinations.  President Kleinfelter agreed that the Borough should not take action at this point in time.


Mr. Care gave the following report.

PennDOT Issue:  Mt. Care reported that he hopes to meet with a PennDOT representative on Friday to discuss Pinch Road culverts.  Previously scheduled meeting was cancelled.

Snow Storm:  Snow removal and maintenance of equipment as per normal for snow storm.  After this winter season, Council will need to discuss equipment repairs and/or replacements. 

The staff has been doing an excellent job with snow removal.

Mr. Care mentioned that snow removal contracts with the neighboring communities will be up for renewal at the end of this year.  He recommended five (5) year contracts rather than three (3) year contracts.

Allan Feldman questioned the amount of the labor charge in the contracts. 

Brown Avenue Project:  When the weather breaks, the Brown Avenue project will resume and hopefully completed this spring.


New House – 219 Lancaster:  The new house construction at 219 Lancaster is going well.  Some inconveniences however, in general, the contractor has been very responsive to requests.  


Rental Property Signs:  No Report

Standard Operation Procedures:  Lois Herr requested that the Borough move forward with preparing Standard Operation Procedures.  Robert Eynon again stated that he can assist in the project but needs some direction. Mr. Care mentioned that the Authority has Standard Operation Procedures which could be used as a template for the Borough.


Pennsylvania Chautauqua:  Allan Feldman reported that the Art Show will be greatly affected by the current limit on the numbers of people permitted in one area due to Covid-19.  He related discussion on dead and diseased trees on Chautauqua property and the cost of dealing with the issue.  Visitor Pat Wilmsen interjected that the Campmeeting has cataloged trees which need attention in their area.  It was suggested that a list of all dead/diseased trees be prepared.  Allan Feldman reported, at length, on the legal situation challenging the Chautauqua and the Chautauqua Foundation concerning Soldiers’ Field.  The ownership of this parcel of land must be under the Foundation in order for the DCNR to finalize the grant. 

Mount Gretna Authority:  Mr. Care reported that the Authority will be submitting their Corrective Action Plan to the Department of Environment Protection by mid-Summer.


Rental Ordinance:  Allen Feldman and Lois Herr both requested that the ordinance include a penalty for violations. Solicitor Kilgore requested that a committee be formed to discuss the rental ordinance and make recommendation to Council in order to update the current ordinance. 

Other suggestions were made for updates to existing ordinances, i.e.  Borough Code changes and building foot prints.  Solicitor Kilgore recommended that all suggestions should be submitted to President Kleinfelter who in turn will forward to Solicitor Kilgore.




Michael Bell made a motion to adjourn the meeting.   Allan Feldman second the motion All were favor.

7:35 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Linda A. Bell