Borough Minutes

Mount Gretna Borough


June 14, 2021

William Kleinfelter, President, called the meeting of the Mount Gretna Borough Council to order at 6:00 PM.  The meeting was held in the Hall of Philosophy. 

Council Members and Staff present:

William Kleinfelter, President                                     Lois Herr, Vice-President

Michael Bell                                                                        Robert Eynon

Allan Feldman                                                                   Joseph Shay, Mayor (present until 7:00 pm)

Keith Kilgore, Solicitor

William Care, Public Works Director/Code Enforcement Officer

Linda Bell, Secretary/Treasurer                                 

Council Members Absent:    None

Also, Present: 

Tracey Beck, 418 Yale Avenue

Eugene & Susanne Brennaman, 316 Pennsylvania Avenue

Jay & Renee Darkey, 314 Pennsylvania Avenue

Lynne Davies, 3 Muhlenberg Avenue

Robert & Paricia Gokey, 403 Yale Avenue

John & Patricia Graham, 419 Lancaster Avenue

Michael & Jeannette Leid, 218 Lancaster Avenue

Rodger McKinney, 110 Columbia and 108 Harvard Avenue

Joan Sherman, 411 Lancaster Avenue

John & Diane Shue, 423 Yale Avenue

Scott & Jane Zellers, 424 Yale Avenue

Brett Hopkins, Cornwall Borough Police Department

Public Comment: 

Rental Properties and Parking Issues:   There was a lengthy discussion from the group.  The highlights of the discussion were as follows:

Jane Zellers expressed concerns relating to short-term rentals which are detrimental to Chautauqua movement and the community which is the foundation of the Pennsylvania Chautauqua.   Rental properties users frequently have an excess number of cars to be parked in one area.   Yale Avenue cannot support the number of cars to be parked. 

Patty Gokey voiced concerns for parking, traffic and pedestrians on Yale Avenue which is a very narrow street.  An emergency vehicle would not be able to get through due to the parked cars.  Mrs. Gokey also related the incident of the use of a Fire Pit at 425 Yale (a rental property).  Police should not inform violators of the name of the person who made a complaint.

Chief Hopkins stated that he will instruct his officer to not divulged the complaints name.  The names are recorded in the officer report.  Chief Hopkins urged residents to call the department office or dispatch when there is a police issue such as parking, fire pits, loud noise, etc.

Eugene Brennaman questioned whether or not the restricted parking could be seasonal only.  Mr. Brennaman also stated that rentals do help home owners and can be a positive thing.

Diane Shue stated that she feels the atmosphere has changed in the community just in the short time which they have resided in Mount Gretna due to the increase in rental properties.

Allan Feldman (board member) voiced his displeasure concerning building contractor’s vehicles being parked illegally and stated “we need to enforce the rules”.

President Kleinfelter interjected that the Council should consider a special parking permit for contractors.

Joan Sherman stated that she feels a definite change in the fabric of the community due to the short-term rentals.

Tracey Beck suggested that these issues might be handled simply by contacting the owner of the property.

Rodger McKinney stated that he feels that the rentals foster a “love of Mount Gretna and the Chautauqua”.

President Kleinfelter stated that the question of allowing businesses to operate within the Chautauqua is a Chautauqua issue.

All visitors left the room at the end of this discussion period.


Robert Eynon made a motion to accept the agenda as presented.  Lois Herr seconded the motion.  All were in favor.

Minutes, Financial Report and Invoices List:

Michael Bell made a motion to accept the May meeting minutes.  Robert Eynon seconded the motion.  All were in favor.

Lois Herr made a motion to accept the May financial report and invoice listing as presented.  Allan Feldman seconded the motion.  All were in favor.

POLICE REPORT:  The May police report was emailed to all Council members in advance of the meeting.  A copy of the report is attached and heretofore made part of the minutes.


Cornwall Borough Police Dept.                   May Police Report

Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority           Meeting minutes available on website –

                Lebanon Library Newsletter

                Cicada Festival                                                   request for donation to support Fire Company

                PSAT                                                                      American Rescue Plan Allocation

                WLCEMA                                                             May Meeting Minutes

                Tom Wolf, Governor                                      Federal Funding

Lois Herr made a motion to donate $100.00 to assist in providing seats for Fire Company members at the Cicada Festival.  Allan Feldman seconded the motion.  All were favor.


MAYOR:  No Report

MOUNT GRETNA FIRE COMPANY:   A copy of the report was emailed to board members and is attached and heretofore made part of the minutes.


Solicitor Kilgore reminded Borough Council members of the Sunshine Act and Right to Know.

Resolution 06-14-2021:  Lois Herr made a motion to adopt Resolution 06-14-2021 designating, re-designating and authorizing basic and advanced life support service providers for Mount Gretna Borough by First Aid and Safety of Lebanon.  Michael Bell seconded the motion.  All were in favor.


Mr. Care gave the following report.

Large Item Collections:  Large Item collection is underway.

Pinch Road:   The end wall at Muhlenberg Avenue still has not been repaired.

Speed & Pedestrian Signs:  Three (3) solar battery conversion kits at the cost of $2,850.00 have been ordered for the speed control signs. 

Two (2) additional speed control display signs can be purchased from All Traffic Solutions at a cost of $6,240.00.  Lois Herr made a motion to proceed with the order of two additional speed control signs.  Robert Eynon seconded the motion.   All were in favor.

Pedestrian signs with flashing lights will be placed on either end of Gettysburg Avenue.

The Borough has two “SLOW” signs with the same bases as the “Yield to Pedestrian” signs that can be placed in the center of route 117 to assist in slowing traffic.

Line Painting:  The line painter is scheduled for Thursday this week.  They will be refreshing all areas on Borough streets and adding yellow lines.

Snow Removal Contracts:  The snow removal contracts should be ready for review by Council at the July meeting. 




Pennsylvania Chautauqua:  Allan Feldman reported that a lease has been signed allowing the Jigger Shop to place table outside in the park area next to the restaurant.

Mount Gretna Authority:  Mr. Care reported that the Authority received a new operation permit for the treatment facility which went into effect on June 1, 2021 and will expire in 2026.

The Authority’s engineering firm, HRG, has completed a full financial review of operational costs.


Parking Suggestions:  Allan Feldman reiterated that parking should be eliminated along route 117 and on the grassy areas adjacent to the parking lot.  President Kleinfelter stated that at this time there is no alternate parking.  Council continued to discussed the issue.


Dunn & Bradstreet Number:  Secretary Bell has secured a Dunn & Bradstreet number for the Borough

Remote Meeting Attendance:   Solicitor Kilgore confirmed that the Borough will permit remote meeting attendance by Council members.

Rental Committee:   Lois Herr will resume the rental committee to acquire feedback from the community on the rental property issues from both non-rental and rental property owners.

Temporary Contractor Parking Tags:  Per President Kleinfelter’s request, Solicitor Kilgore will investigate the possibility of temporary parking for contractors.


Michael Bell made a motion to adjourn the meeting.   Lois Herr second the motion All were favor.

7:55 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Linda A. Bell


Mount Gretna Borough Council

Mount Gretna Borough