Borough Minutes

Mount Gretna Borough


March 13, 2023

William Kleinfelter, President, called the meeting of the Mount Gretna Borough Council to order at 6:00 PM.  The meeting was held in the Mount Gretna Fire Hall.

Council Members and Staff present:

William Kleinfelter, President                                     Lois Herr, Vice-President

Michael Bell                                                                        Robert Eynon

Allan Feldman                                                                                                  

Keith Kilgore, Solicitor

William Care, Public Works Director/Code Enforcement Officer

Linda Bell, Secretary/Treasurer

Council Members Absent:  

Joseph Shay, Mayor

Also, Present: 

Julia Bucher, 415 Yale Avenue

Eugene & Sue Brennaman, 316 Pennsylvania Avenue

POLICE REPORT:  Officer Fields, Cornwall Borough Police Department, read the February police report.  A copy of the report is attached and heretofore made part of the minutes. 

Officer Fields departed the meeting.

Public Comment:  No comments were heard.


Michael Bell made a motion to accept the agenda as printed.  Robert Eynon seconded the motion.  All were in favor. 

Minutes, Financial Report and Invoices List:

Lois Herr made a motion to accept the February meeting minutes with minor correction. Michael Bell seconded the motion.  All were in favor.

Michael Bell made a motion to accept the  financial report and invoice listing as presented. Robert Eynon seconded the motion.  All were in favor.


Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority                 Meeting minutes available on website –


MAYOR:  No Report


Lois Herr read the February Fire Company Report.  A copy of the report was emailed to Council members prior to the meeting. A copy is attached and heretofore made part of the minutes. 

SOLICITOR:   No Report  Solicitor Kilgore will prepare an Art Show street closing resolution for consideration at the April Council meeting.


Mr. Care gave the following report.

Stormwater Project:  New storm water pipe inlet has been installed on Pennsylvania Avenue.  The new curbing installation is scheduled to start this week.

Snow and Ice:  Mr. Care stated that it “feels like spring”.  Nothing to report on snow and ice removal.


Allan Feldman voiced his concerns for the violations of the property maintenance ordinance at 203 Brown

 Avenue and  4 Muhlenberg Avenue.   He requested that action be taken as soon as possible.



Pennsylvania Chautauqua:  Allan Feldman stated that the Foundation will be sending an information letter and holdings meetings to inform the public of the plans for Soldiers’ Field, etc. 

Mr. Feldman stated that the PA Chautauqua board continues to work on Rules and Regulations and is nearly complete.  These items will be on the agenda for the Chautauqua’s Stockholder meeting in July.

Mount Gretna Authority:  Mr. Care provided the following information:

Water:  Preliminary work on the Princeton/Chautauqua Drive water line project will be started before the summer season.  The project includes locating all existing water and sewer mains and laterals in the affected area.  The areas are Princeton Avenue, from Harvard to Chautauqua Drive, Chautauqua Drive from Princeton to Carnegie Avenues, and Carnegie Avenue, from Chautauqua Drive to the hydrant south of the parking lot.

The Authority is also working on source water protection programs with the Department of Environment Protection. 

Sewer:  Testing continues for Ammonia Nitrogen (NH3N) and going well. 

New sludge dewatering demonstration will be conducted this spring.  The Authority is hopeful that we will be able to secure a grant for this equipment.  Keith Kilgore, HRG engineer and Linda are working on the grant application, etc.


Spring Kick-Off at Hall of Philosophy:  Lois Herr shared a draft of a letter to be email to Chautauqua property owners concerning the Arts Councils Kick-Off event.  Lois Herr made a motion to email the letter.  Robert Eynon seconded the motion.  All were in favor. (Draft copy attached.)

Mr. Care stated that the Arts Council consulted the Borough office concerning their plans for the kick-off event and their wish to have food trucks on Pennsylvania Avenue.  Allan Feldman stated that he strongly was opposed to the Arts Council’s idea of employing several food trucks for the event in the Hall of Philosophy.   He does not approve of the use of Borough streets for food trucks and also stated that this would directly impact the business of the Jigger Shop, a tenant of the Pennsylvania Chautauqua. 

No final decision made.


Rental Licenses:  Lois Herr made a plea to grant a temporary short-term rental license for the remainder of the year 2023 to the owners of  308 Lafayette Avenue even though it is adjacent to another short-term rental.

Solicitor Kilgore state that there is no clause in the ordinance which would permit a temporary license.

Much discussion followed   Michael Bell stated that the board should “wait and see” for the results of the rules and regulations amendment to the by-laws at the Pennsylvania Chautauqua Stockholders’ meeting.  If the stockholders approve  the adjacency clause for the Chautauqua’s rules and regulation, this question is done.

Robert Eynon stated that the Borough now has eleven (11) approve short-term rental licenses; five (5) pending licenses and one (1) new license request which is currently incomplete.  The new license request is for 402 Lancaster Avenue.


Art Show Street Closing:  Solicitor  Kilgore will prepare a resolution concerning art show street closings for action at the April Council meeting.


Michael Bell made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Robert Eynon seconded the motion.  All were in favor.

7:11 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Linda A. Bell


Mount Gretna Borough Council