Borough Minutes

Mount Gretna Borough


October 10, 2022

William Kleinfelter, President, called the meeting of the Mount Gretna Borough Council to order at 6:00 PM.  The meeting was held in the Hall of Philosophy.

Council Members and Staff present:

William Kleinfelter, President                                     Lois Herr, Vice-President

Michael Bell                                                                        Robert Eynon

Allan Feldman                                                                  

Keith Kilgore, Solicitor

William Care, Public Works Director/Code Enforcement Officer

Linda Bell, Secretary/Treasurer                                 

Council Members Absent:  

Joseph Shay, Mayor – due to Fire Company Fund activities

Also, Present: 

Julia Bucher, 415 Yale Avenue

Joshua Hains, 401 Lancaster Avenue

Gene & Susanne Brenneman, 316 Pennsylvania Avenue

POLICE REPORT:  Chief Hopkins presented the September police report.  A copy of the report is attached and heretofore made part of the minutes.

Public Comment:  None


Robert Eynon made a motion to accept the agenda as printed.  Michael Bell seconded the motion.  All members approved.

Minutes, Financial Report and Invoices List:

Allan Feldman made a motion to accept the September minutes.  Robert Eynon seconded the motion.  All were in favor.

President Kleinfelter directed Council to the legal fees expense line item in the financials.  Asking Council to be aware of the “ridiculous” amount which has been spent on legal fees which are not due to the Solicitor but rather to numerous changes/updates to ordinances and phone conversation which individual Council members have had with the Solicitor.

Michael Bell made a motion to accept the  financial report and invoice listing as presented.  Allan Feldman seconded the motion.  All were in favor.


Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority                 Meeting minutes available on website –

Stanilla, Siegel and Maser                                  Financial Statement for 2021          


MAYOR:  No Report


The September Fire Company Report emailed to Council members prior to the meeting. A copy is attached and heretofore made part of the minutes. 

SOLICITOR:   No Report


Mr. Care gave the following report.

Storm Water Project:   Paving of Brown Avenue has been completed by Martin Paving as per quoted price

Miles T. Weaber has been notified to proceed with construction of railings for the stormwater inlet at Princeton and Harvard Avenues at the quoted price of $5,210.00.

Art Show:  Planning is underway for special events for the 50th year of the show.

CODE ENFORCEMENT:  A noise complaint has been received concerning Martin Paving staring prior to 7:00 AM.  The supervisor was contacted and the work was stopped until 7:00 AM.



Pennsylvania Chautauqua:  Allan Feldman reported that the Chautauqua board held special information meetings on rules and regulations.  Final approval will be requested at a Stockholders’ meeting.

Mount Gretna Authority:  Mr. Care provided the following information:

Mapping Project:  All required information has been supplied to the Rural Water Association in order to receive quotes for the mapping project.

 Treatment Facility:  The Authority’s recirculation system project is underway.

Water Main Replacement Project:  A new 6” water main from Harvard Avenue down Princeton Avenue to Chautauqua Drive and west onto Chautauqua Drive to Carnegie Avenue to the upper entrance of the parking lot.  This project will include 1200’ of 6” C-900 watermain and all the necessary fittings and connections to all the properties affected.  A new fire hydrant will be installed at a location to the rear of the post office building.  All Chautauqua owned properties will be connected to the new water main.  Materials for this project will be approximately $25,000.00.  All labor will be preformed by the Borough/Authority staff.  This project will be preformed in the off season.  Residents in the affected areas will be notified via email and mail.  Affected streets will be posted as necessary.  There will be no interruption of water service during the project.

Soldiers’ Field Project:  No Report


Rental License Applications:  Lois Herr made a motion to approve the 2023 application for 428 Pennsylvania Avenue.  The new cottage owner was interviewed.  Allan Feldman seconded the motion.

Robert Eynon reviewed the status of the rental license applications for renewals and new short-term renal licenses.  Five renewal applications have been completed.  Robert Eynon made a motion to waive the requirement for a regular or special meeting with the short-term rental license applicants who have already been met with earlier this year by Borough Council members and have their applications and inspections now completed and otherwise ready for approval.  Allan Feldman seconded the motion.  All were in favor.

Seven additional applications are waiting for their inspection certification.  One new applicant is for a property which is adjacent to an existing short-term rental property.  Robert Eynon made a motion to table the pending finalization of the permit application for 308 La Fayette Avenue until the adjunct property’s application is finalized.  All were in favor.

Work Session:  Council will hold a work session on short-term rental polices immediately following this meeting.

Minimum Municipal Obligation Worksheet:   The MMO has been submitted to PMRS.

Executive Session:  An executive session was called at 6:51 to 6:55 PM for Borough Council to discuss a

personnel matter.

Hiring of new Secretary/Treasurer:  Michael Bell made a motion to hire Linda Faircloth as the new secretary/treasurer for Mount Gretna Borough.  Lois Her seconded the motion.  All were in favor.


Budget for 2023:  President Kleinfelter stated that budget preparation is underway for the 2023 budget.  The preliminary budget will be available for the November Council meeting.


Michael Bell made a motion, seconded by Robert Eynon, to adjourn the meeting.   All were in favor.

6:57 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Linda A. Bell ,Secretary/Treasurer

Mount Gretna Borough Council