Leaf and Brush Schedule

FALL LEAF & BRUSH COLLECTION:                     

Leaf Collection:   October 24, 2022 and November 7, 2022

Brush Collection:  November 21, 2022 and December  27, 2022                                                    

 Leaves are collected twice in the fall.

Tree limbs exceeding 3” in diameter will not be removed.  These are the responsibility of the individual property owner.  Leaves must be placed at a PAVED CURBSIDE.

This schedule may change without notice for emergency work or equipment malfunctions, etc.  Leaves and/or brush placed at curbside after the scheduled collection will not be picked up until fall.


Tentative dates for Spring leaf and brush schedule:

Leaves     May 1, 2023

Brush        April 17 and June 5, 2023