Residential Rental License

Residential Short-Term Rental (STR) License Application

A separate application and license fee is required for each rental property.

STR Property Street Address _______________________________________________

STR Property Cottage Name as Advertised ______________________________________________

STR Residential Unit phone number_____________________________________

Property Owner Information


Address_________________________  PO Box #___________

Phone (day)_______________________(evening)_______________



During the term that the short-term rental is occupied, the following person must be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and able to respond to an emergency on the property within (1) one hour. This can be the property owner or property manager.

Name: _______________________________________________

  • Property Owner    
  • Property Manager

24 hr. emergency phone______________________

Secondary phone: _______________________

Please initial ______________   I acknowledge this information will be publicly available.

Property Manager Information     



Phone (day)____________________ (evening)_____________________

Email_________________________24 hr. emergency phone______________________

No. of bedrooms (137.2) ___________   Max. sleeping accommodation occupancy (137.3) ________

Property is advertised on online reservation marketplace platforms below:

  • Airbnb
  • VRBO
  • Other    ______________________________________________________________________
  • I acknowledge all information submitted to online short-term rental platforms is accurate and according to Borough of Mount Gretna ordinances. Any false and misleading advertising on all online reservation marketplaces must be corrected before license is approved.

Check all that apply:

  • This is my primary residence.
  • I do not live at this property.
  • This property is used solely as a short term rental property.
  • I live in this residence part of the year.
  • I will not be present during the majority of the rental period (I will live on a different property)
  • I am renting the entire cottage.

Property Owners are required to read and comply with Borough of Mount Gretna Ordinances

Chapters 137- Rental Property, 115-Noise, 121-Nuisances, 52-Animals. Signature below acknowledges receipt and thorough understanding of Borough of Mount Gretna Ordinances.

I certify that the above information is true and accurate and that the Lebanon County Hotel Room Excise Tax and PA Sales Tax are being collected and reported as required. I (we) understand that providing false information in this application shall be a violation of the Borough of Mount Gretna Borough code, and shall be grounds to deny any application, void the approval, and revoke a short- term rental unit license issued for the property for not less than one year.

I further understand that rental of this property cannot begin until 1. The completed application and license payment are received   2. An inspection is conducted by a Borough representative   3. The Residential Rental License is issued by the Borough of Mount Gretna.

I understand the license does not run with the property but is issued to the specific owner. The license shall not be transferred or assigned to another individual, person, entity, or address. The license does not authorize any person, other than the person named therein, to operate a short-term rental home on the property.

Payment must accompany registration form.

Fee per unit:  $100.00

Make check payable to:   Mount Gretna Borough

All owners’ names, addresses, and contact information must accompany this form.


Property Owner’s Signature                                                                           

Borough of Mount Gretna

101 Chautauqua Drive, P O Box 61

Mount Gretna, PA  17064

I have read ordinance chapters #137, 115, 121 and 52 (see Mount Gretna Borough website at:  All property owner’s signatures must appear below.

_______________________________________________Date: ________________________

Property Owner’s Signature

_______________________________________________Date: ________________________

Property Owner’s Signature

_______________________________________________ Date: ________________________

Property Owner’s Signature

_______________________________________________Date: ________________________

Property Owner’s Signature

This application has been accepted and approved by the Borough Council of Mount Gretna

_______________________________________________Date: ________________________

Borough of Mount Gretna – Borough Council President