Borough Office, 101 Chautauqua Drive

Established on October 7, 1926, the Mount Gretna Borough is the municipal governing body covering the same geographical area as the Pennsylvania Chautauqua. The Borough provides civil services for homeowners in this area of Mount Gretna, plus some contracted services for other areas of the community. Responsibilities of the Borough include public streets, police services, lighting, trash collection & recycling, leaf & brush removal, snow removal and public ordinances.

The Borough established the Mount Gretna Authority in 1974, a separate entity that is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the water and sewer systems, and for the wastewater treatment facility located to the west of Mount Gretna.

Borough Office Hours
 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM   Monday through Friday
Please note that various responsibilities sometimes take us out of the office.
24-hour emergency number:   717.964.3231
Mount Gretna Borough
101 Chautauqua Drive
P O Box 61
Mount Gretna, PA  17064

phone:  717.964.3270  fax:  717.964.3054